Xttrium Strives to be a Leader in Health, Safety and Environmental Performance

while developing new strategies, standards and systems for continuous improvement.

The Xttrium Laboratories, Inc. Mount Prospect, Illinois facility is fully FDA approved and compliant with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Guidelines, OSHA guidelines, as well as social and ethical compliance guidelines.

The new facility boasts over 106,000 square feet of space, allowing Xttrium to create a unique, all in one pharmaceutical manufacturing and operations plant. Our facility contains every aspect of our business under one roof, resulting in unprecedented quality control. We have a raw material and packaging component, receiving and storage warehouse, fully approved analytical testing laboratory, mixing and compounding tank farms, production area, in-process quarantine warehouse, finished product release warehouse, four full-size freight receiving/loading docks, quality assurance and quality control departments, and accounting and executive management offices.

We drew on 85+ years of experience to custom design and construct one of the most efficient liquid filling operations in the nation.

The Xttrium Laboratories mixing and compounding facility houses a 4,000-gallon stainless steel mixing tank farm with 12 tanks total. Our pharmaceutical-grade tank farm is capable of producing thousands of gallons of product daily. In addition to our updated mixing and compounding area, we constructed an all-new packaging and filling production area. Our production floor combines the latest in high-speed liquid drug product filling equipment, capable of speeds up to 220 bottles per minute. Xttrium’s manufacturing upgrades have more than doubled daily product output capability in comparison to our previous location.

Xttrium’s facility operates its own in house quality control analytical laboratory. Our laboratory is a fully qualified analytical chemistry facility, with state of the art, high performance liquid chromatography and gas chromatography instrumentation. We perform all material processing and testing, from raw to finished product chemistry release, in house. Streamlining this process via in-house quality control enables us to ensure each product is safe and effective every step of the process, while also cutting down on production time.

Xttrium maintains and operates a complete quality assurance system as per cGMP and FDA guidelines. The quality assurance group oversees all environmental monitoring, corrective action/preventive action plans, change controls and validation (equipment/process/packaging/cleaning). As part of our dedication to quality and customer service, Xttrium welcomes 3rd party and supplier audit programs. We recognize the value of improvement via working with our industry partners.

Xttrium’s facility has several validated stability chambers for use in running both long and short-term stability study programs in accordance with ICH/FDA guidelines. These stability chambers provide the data our clients depend on to prove all products will be effective throughout the span of their shelf life.

We go to great lengths to ensure our facilities are up to date and evolving with our steady business growth.

We currently produce various infection prevention and cleansing products for both the healthcare and retail markets. These products are widely known, trusted and used daily in hospitals, healthcare facilities, and home health care settings. Our main product formulation focus is chlorhexidine gluconate solutions in both Rx and OTC drug product formulations. We also package iodine and PCMX Topical solution drug products. Our high-end formulas have been widely recognized as the industry standard for nationwide healthcare antisepsis protocols.

Xttrium has primarily concentrated on healthcare distribution for both prescription and over the counter drug products, but have recently focused on expanding our market into the retail drug industry. We took into consideration home-based, pre and post-operative care for the 51 million annual surgeries performed in the United States. With rising healthcare costs and a growing need for home health care products, Xttrium takes pride in providing economically priced, consumer-friendly formulas that help prevent infections and drive patient compliance. Our products and services provide patients and families access to hospital quality products that help reduce their chances of infections and ultimately live healthier and happier lives.