Oral Rinse (0.12% CHG)

Does the Oral Rinse product contain gluten?

No. 0.12% Chlorhexidine Gluconate Oral Rinse is gluten-free.

How much alcohol does 0.12% CHG Oral Rinse contain?

0.12% CHG Oral Rinse contains approximately 11% ethanol (ethyl alcohol).

Can the taste of the Oral Rinse be removed in any manner?

The aftertaste of the Oral Rinse will dissipate on its own given time. Eating or drinking immediately after use is discouraged as this only prolongs the after taste.

The product is gluten free, the glycerin is not derived from animal source, the flavor is a mint flavor derived from peppermint oil, it is 11.6% w/v alcohol (ethanol)

Antiseptic Products (2% and 4% CHG solutions)

How much alcohol do the formulas contain?

All Chlorhexidine Gluconate scrub solutions contain 4% isopropyl alcohol.

Are there any restricted areas of use?

CHG Scrub Solutions should NOT be used in the genital areas, near the eyes, ears or any other mucous membranes.

How do I apply the scrub solutions?

The scrub solutions can be applied directly to the skin (for hand washing purposes) or by a cloth or gauze for prepping purposes.

How do I rinse the product?

The product can be rinsed with regular warm water during hand washing. For prepping purposes, excess product should be wiped from the skin using a sterile towel.

How do I shower with the CHG Scrub Solutions?

Please consult your physician for showering instructions.

Are there any special laundering/cleaning instructions while cleaning CHG out of my clothes, towels, ETC.?

Yes. Special laundering procedures should be considered when fabrics have come in contact with Dyna-Hex to avoid brown staining that may develop due to a chemical reaction between Dyna-Hex and chlorine. Prevent the Dyna-Hex solution from setting on unwashed fabrics. Avoid laundering with chlorine bleach and use only non-chlorine detergents.

Do Chlorhexidine Gluconate Scrubs need to be diluted prior to use?

No. All scrub solutions should be used at their full concentration.

Chlorhexidine Gluconate Antiseptics – product should not be used on the head/face and in the genital area, or in contact with the meninges.

Product is not to be diluted